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Martin is a web designer addicted to video games, in which case he does not and never leaves his apartment as a matchbox. He has panic attacks, it stressed, uncertain and not able to hear what other people have to say and trying to get better going to a psychiatrist twice a week. Besides his phobias, he need to take care of the dog whom it has left his girlfriend for two weeks gone in the US. Only the girl did not return.

Mariana is an architect who came to work as a decorator showcases and is freshly divorced partner that was four years. Anxiety and phobias has also including a fear of elevators and an obsession with the books’ Where’s Wally? “. Martin and Mariana are in the vicinity, but the folly of major urban areas in the 21st century is far too easy to not find the right person with whom to have a relationship, even if he lives across the street.

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