Studios that enchanted you with “Shrek,” “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda” bring 2010 “Megamind”. Megamind is the smartest negative hero the world has ever known. And the worst. Over the years, he tried to conquer Metro City in all possible ways. Each time he missed great style because of Metro Man, a superhero with a cloak and all the cutlery, invincible until the day Megamind even manages to defeat him. Suddenly, Megamind wakes up that he has no purpose in life. He became a negative hero without a rival. He realizes that the worst thing that could have happened to him was to reach his life ambition. So he decides to create an opponent, a new superhero called “Titan”. It will be bigger, better and stronger than ever was Metro Man. Titan, on the other hand, quickly finds it more fun to be a negative hero than a good boy. So now Titan does not just think of mastering the world, but simply wants to destroy it. Can the smartest man in the world take a wise decision, even once in his life? The devilish genius will fall into the trap he has stretched himself and will become a hero without permission in his own story

A satire on superhero movies, Megamind tells the story of an evil man who accidentally kills Metro Man, his deadly enemy. Initially contented with world leadership, Megamind gets depressed when he realizes that life without a dreaded adversary with which to live and dies, has no charm. Megamind’s solution is Titan, the result of an experiment that fails. The new “rival” does not want to be a positive person at all. He wants to take his place in megamind. That’s why Megamind gets to be the savior of mankind in the face of this unpredictable threat.

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