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A young monk directs a nun back to her monastery built atop a giant sandstone monolith. The nun enters a woven network, built over a cliff, floating to tens of meters above the plains below.

Down in the valley, the monk Theodoros be happy to make a visit to a farmer, to whom worldly aims devotion to the eternal cycles of nature: cultivated, nurtured, harvested – that offers a striking contrast to the monastic life, solemn candlelight.

Up to their monasteries, places for living together and prayer, begins a secret exchange of affection between a nun and a monk. Using mirrors and sunlight, Theodoros and Urania communicate the abyss that separates monasteries. Day of St. James, the two meet at a picnic.

In a battle between two contradictory desires, Urania prays to overcome temptations, while Theodoros, rocks and valleys on a cliff of sandstone, looking for answers in a spiritual quest.

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