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Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game (2017) is a biographical film that follows the story of young Molly Bloom, a former professional footballer, who at the end of the 2000s became known as the “poker princess” in Los Angeles. Since childhood, Molly has been talented, brilliant and stubborn. After failing to join the Olympic team, she decided to take a year off before starting the law with the intention of getting a job in Los Angeles. Due to the accumulation of coincidences and untapped business skills for eight years, Bloom has organized clandestine poker games with high stakes, attended by magnates, elite athletes and Hollywood stars. Eventually, she was investigated by the FBI, who pursued her criminal activities until she was caught in a raid involving 17 armed agents. Her only ally was her lawyer, Charlie Jaffey, who learned that Molly was far more than the tabloids had caused the world to believe.

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