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Mr. Right

Fire extremely active, Martha (Anna Kendrick – Pitch Perfect, Up In The Air), became unruly after the latest failure amorous. Talks too much, spend nonstop cook anything, anytime, and is determined to make the most foolish of her life when she meets Francis (Sam Rockwell – The Way, Way Back).

Francis scares the bones gives anyone face him, so Martha can not possess curiosity, because it seems to be the perfect match for her. It’s zany, it’s crazy, except that he’s a freak … dead. Francis is a professional assassin, but one with a moral purpose: to start to kill those who give him orders liquidation. Just when Martha starts to realize that her new boyfriend was not kidding when I said we had to leave a bit to shoot someone, things began to run high for Francis.

When receives a mission from an FBI agent (Tim Roth – The Hateful Eight, Reservoir Dogs) as dubious as he, the bodies begin to pile up, and Martha knows that the time you have to choose: will forsake Francis, or will join in this insanity?

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