Murder on the Orient Express

Renowned Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is investigating the murder of a wealthy American who traveled with the Orient Express Express, the world’s most famous train.

From what I saw in the trailer is announced a super film. However, I notice some enormous mistakes, which I can not not sanction, considering that I am a great fan of Agathei Christie. How do you spoil Hercule Poirot You can not reinvent a character that has been written perfectly! The accent is horrible, false and clearly understood the British tone, which is a crime since Poirot is Belgian. What the hell is that mustache? and with the beak on top! Hercules Poirot would never have been out of the house !!! Kenneth Branagh is totally inappropriate, he has nothing of the famous detective, yet he could not surpass David Suchet, but he does not even look like a 3 of Poirot! Josh Gad as McQueen’s Never !!!!!

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