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The Next Three Days

How far do you go for those you love? In the 3-day nightmare movie, John Brennan (Russell Crowe) finds the answer in the most brutal way when his family is devastated by a dreadful incident.

Lara, John’s wife, is unjustly accused and convicted of horrible crime. Three years after the sentence was pronounced, John struggled not only to raise his own son, but also to save his wife, seeking endlessly a way to cancel the verdict.

But when judges reject their last appeal, Lara enters a terrible depression and is increasingly thinking of suicide. With no alternative, John sets up a dangerous and unhealthy plan, risking his life for the woman he loves. As he has only three days before he loses everything, John starts in a mad race.

MediaPro Distribution brings on the screens in Romania 3 days of nightmare. A film full of action and suspense, signed by Paul Haggis, the director rewarded with two Oscar Awards for the Crash film. 3 nightmare days. From November 19th to Cinemas.

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