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No Strings Attached

When Emma Kurtzman teenager was 14 years old and refuses his advances Adam Franklin at Camp Weehawken, none of them had any idea what the adult sexual life. Some years later, Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) really know what it is, when the roads they meet again, as they had happened several times before, and wake up in bed, having sex. Sex really liked it!

And because Emma declared himself “allergic to amorous relationships” and Adam dodges it, especially because his father, former TV star (Kevin Kline) is combined with the latest of his ex-girlfriend, the two decide to prevent emotional complications that loving relationship could bring, and just have a friendly relationship with some extra …

Meetings unpretentious sex without responsibilities. No promises, no lies, no jealousy, no alint─âturi in public without breakfast together, “I miss you” without nicknames for private parts, in short … “No strings”.

What begins as an ideal solution for physical needs is a little different when Adam starts to let their feelings in bed (and closet at the hospital, and the back seat of the car, in fact, wherever there is little place Horizontal State). Finally, both awake struggling to handle the connections are entangled all trying to avoid. So I get to put the essential question: can two friends having sex without leaving love to insinuate between them?

Master comedies Ivan Reitman returns to the director’s chair to perform comedy bold, smart and sexy “Optional” with Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Cary Elwes and Kevin Kline, a story of MIKE SAMONEK and ELIZABETH MERIWETHER, and a Elizabeth Meriwether scenario. Reitman is also a producer, along with JOE MEDJUCK and JEFFREY CLIFFORD. Executive producers are Roger Birnbaum, GARY BARBER Jonathan Glickman, NATALIE PORTMAN and TOM POLLOCK. ROGIER STOFFERS is director of photography, IDA RANDOM, designer, JULIE WEISS, costume designer and DEBNEY JOHN composer. LISA BRUCE is co-executive producer and ALI BELL and ANNETTE Savitchi, co-producing.

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