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Northmen: A Viking Saga

Driven from their country of their own king, a fearless group of Vikings turn into Britain with intent to rob and plunder. Under the command of their fearless leader Asbjörn (Tom Hopper), the Vikings are embarking on a very dangerous mission, in order to plunder the treasures of monasteries which then redeem free. Their journey is interrupted by a violent storm, which makes them shipwrecked on the coast of Scotland. Stranded among enemies, their only chance of survival is to reach settlement Danish Danelaw. Along the way, the Vikings managed to take prisoner the gruff lady freezes (Charlie Murphy), daughter of King Dunchaid (Danny Keogh).

Renegade warriors immediate advantage of this opportunity to ask for a huge ransom, but the refusal of King Dunchaid encounter a heavy battle-hardened leader who gather against them an army of ruthless mercenaries most, Pack of Wolves, feared throughout the land for their ferocity.

Since then, the Vikings have only one chance appeared like magic – a mysterious monk named Conall (Ryan Kwanten) that will help you escape the pack wolves and especially their leaders bloody, Hjorr (Ed Skrein) and Bovarr (Anatole Taubman). Led by Conall Vikings take on the only really safe way, Snake Way and their journey turns into a race against time, hunting life and death.

Filmed in the extraordinary landscapes of Cape Province of South Africa, Viking SAGA suggests viewers a unique visual experience and heavyweight action. Director Claudio Fah (Sniper: Reloaded, Hollow Man 2) is the one who led a cast of actors firsthand, consisting of Tom Hopper (Black Sails, Merlin), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, The Right Kind of Wrong), Ken Duken (Das Adlon, Inglourious Basterds), Charlie Murphy (Philomena, The Village), James Norton (Rush, An Education), Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones, The Transporter) and Anatole Taubman (James Bond 007 – Quantum of Solace, The Tudors). Heavy metal fans will be glad to recognize one of the idols, Johan Hegge, vocalist Amon Amarth Viking warrior in the role Valli.

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