Not Today

Caden Welles has world at his feet. With rich resources of his father, he lives a dream life to 20 years. But what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare the other side of the world?

Traveling with his friends at Hyderabad in India just to satisfy their a fad, its expectations about a party Trustees are destroyed. But not as bad as his conscience when he refuses to help a starving man and his daughter.

Haunted by images of Kiran and Annika, Caden attempts to right the wrong done, then discovering that Kiran was forced to sell his own daughter. Caden discovers a situation which few Americans know that still persist: a trade creepy people. If you add the dehumanization of Kiran and other hundreds of millions of Dalit people because of poverty, we get a situation that could very well Caden ignore. However stimulated by a real purpose, a new and unlikely friendship and prayers and his beloved mother, Caden choose to help him when he Kiran starts to look daughter.


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