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One for the Money

Katherine Heigl gives life to the big screen the population heroines in the romantic comedy writer Janet Evanovich make all the money. Stephanie Plum, a girl born and raised in New Jersey, is very sure of herself, though no longer has a job for six months and just lost the last credit card in the hands of a recovery claims. Desperate to make money, Stephanie turn to the last resort: to convince his cousin to give her a job at his firm in charge of hunting bounty for bail. It is true that not be given on hand any pair of handcuffs and her only weapon is pepper spray, but that does not stop her to handle the most important “client” of his cousin, Vinny – former policeman the manners and currently a fugitive, Joe Morelli – yes, even it the same irresistible Morelli who seduced and abandoned her when she was in high school.
Capture of Morelli would be for her a sweet revenge, but also a first consistent, but as Stephanie learns the ins and outs of the trade receivable from Ranger, a colleague nosed and that’s the best in the business his young start to realize that there is something rotten in the case of Morelli. If we add to her problems a family that mix where not boil the pot, a boxer with suicidal thoughts, witnesses die one after another, that between her and Morelli increasingly jumping sparks does nothing to hinder mission, and that the job no longer seems so easy as before.
Make all the money is a comedy directed by Julie Ann Robinson, Katherine Heigl, Jason O’Mara, Daniel Sunjic, John Leguizamo, Debbie Reynolds and Debra Monk.

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