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One Small Hitch

Molly Mahoney will return home to Chicago for her mother’s wedding and it brings the mystery man in her life. However, she learns that he is married, he leaves even at check-in. She reached his shoulders to cry on Josh Shiffman, a childhood friend, who was to take the same plane that goes to the same wedding. But Josh gets a call and finds out that his father is dying and that his only regret is that there will never meet the woman who would become his son’s wife. Desperate to fulfill her father’s last wish that Josh says that he met already, because it is a close friend since childhood: Molly Mahoney. During the flight, shy, he confesses that he had made his childhood friend and Molly gets angry and asks to correct the mistake, telling the truth immediately after landing. Only that it will be too late, because everyone already heard about it, and now both families are welcomed at the airport and assail him with greetings and congratulations. Molly’s family is thrilled that her husband is mysteriously Josh, and the groom’s father is happy that finally sees him at his house and that future bride is a pretty girl he knew from when she was little.

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