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Playing for Keeps

Meet George Dryer (Gerard Butler), a known footballer in his youth, now almost broke. It was back in town provincial McLean, Virginia to improve the relationship with his son for nine years, Lewis (Noah Lomax), which saw him rarely since it was separated from his mother, Stacie (Jessica Biel). Although he made countless mistakes in the past, George is willing to compromise for the sake of the child, and find a job nearby.

To keep a good relationship with your child, Stacie convinces George to coach the football team of Lewis. What the two is not anticipated but the attention it receives from parents from man team.

Among women attracted like a magnet to include Barb George (Judz Greer), who wants to be convinced that there is still attractive after a messy divorce. Then Denise (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a bored housewife, news announcer in his youth, offering to help George to get sports news presenter. Lastly, team sponsor, wealthy Carl King (Dennis Quaid), befriends George as his associates to prove how close is he a former star. Even Carl’s wife, Patti (Uma Thurman), who has been faithful unfaithful husband by now, makes advances to George, because he found everything missing from her husband.

Maybe George has control situation on the ground, but all these temptations prevents him from spending time with his son. How will football be a good father to Lewis and be reconciled with Stacie, when everyone is struggling for a bit of attention to?

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