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In the spring of 1958, Rose Pamphyle is 21, lives with her cantankerous father who is widowed store owner in the village and is engaged to the son of a local driver and seems destined to become a wife and mother. But this is life craves Rose and the chance to take their fate into their own hands arises when a visit in the town of Lisieux in Normandy and knows the charismatic director of an insurance company named Louis Echard that He gave notice that he needed a secretary. The interview is a disaster, but demonstrates that it is able to beat the machine with tremendous speed and Louis agrees to hire only if you participate in a competition of its kind. Louis Echard Rose proclaims his coach and would be treated as a sporting entered in a contest, teaching her many sacrifices they have to make if he wants to reach that goal and to reach the peak. The man’s aim is to transform the fastest secretary Rose in France but in the world’s fastest secretary and his passion for the sport obsessional love do not mix well on starting to feel towards younger safeguarded.

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