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Postman Pat: The Movie

Postman Pat is an honorary member of a small town. Besides his loving family and townspeople respect him more. Pat fulfills its tasks with friendship and passion, and the biggest help of his cat Jess. One day, participating in a renowned talent contest, where to everyone’s amazement, he discovers talent vocalist. Reach the final, which is broadcast live from the little town so the postman distracted by the media and fame it brings them. Until they realize what is happening, it becomes an industry public figure and begins to see less and less with his loved ones and friends. Meanwhile, one of the directors Post, thirsty for power, influencing him and the principal director, wants to robotic sectors ├«nlocuieasc─â Post and wants his employees with robots – Postman Pat. Fortunately, the key moment, Pat back down to earth and his cat, Jess, help them in salt.

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