R.I.P.D. COPO FOR undead is a supernatural action comedy, with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, about two policemen dead and … not really … who are enrolled to catch and go back to their place and destructive evil souls that have escaped in front of Judgement and will not leave the earth in peace and quiet.

Sheriff Roycephus “Roy” Pulsifer (Jeff Bridges) has executed many penances in RIPD for multiple crimes committed during life; is the guy who knows everything, accustomed to wield the gun alone, and not the team. It has a unique style, always put the jokes and irony, but it’s the best in the department and knows absolutely all the tricks that can fool with diabolical fleeing before Judgement and seeking refuge back to Earth.

Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is a tough cop who knows how to spin the wheels of the system, but is killed on duty. Now at Judgement, Nick receives an offer he can not refuse: either pay a penance for 100 years in the service RIPD (Rest In Peace Department), or go to hell.

Because he wants to find the man who killed him, but because he wants to return to Earth, his beloved wife, convinced that may violate regulations prohibiting reunion with the living, Nick choose the first option, joining forces hunting evil souls wandering the earth.

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