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Three stories … three degrees of reality, it is – in short – the subject. Reality is the name of a little girl eight years taxidermist. In the bowels of a boar that father hunted him recently, Reality discovers a mysterious videotape. Unbeknownst parents will do everything to see.

Denis, host of a TV show not too smart about cooking, dress up the mouse when speaking with the guests of the show. Gradually, the whole crew turned against it when becomes obsessed with the idea to have changed detergent with which wash the suit, and despite the views of everyone, even doctors, becomes convinced that suffer from an allergy, so it scratched all the time.

Jason, who works as a director and cameraman missed the Denis, trying to convince Bob, a manufacturer dubious finance his first horror, Waves, about filming that revolts against humanity. The only condition put by Bob is that victims have the most successful in the history of cinema scream …

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