From the creators of the hit film Ice Age comes RIO, a 3D comedy adventure about in the wild. Blu is a macaw who never learned to fly, and enjoy a comfortable life with his owner and best friend of Linda in the small town of Moose Lake Minnesota. Blu and Linda think he’s the last of its species, but when learning of another country who lives in Rio de Janeiro, off to distant and exotic land to find Jewel it, half of the opposite sex of Blu. Soon after arrival, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of animal smugglers. Blu escapes, Jewel versed helped a group of townspeople birds and sweet talk mi┼čtocare. Now, with his new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to learn to fly, escape the kidnappers that we are on the warpath to return to Linda, the best friend he had it for a bird ever.

RIO, from Blue Sky Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Animation, is the largest and most ambitious film’s animation studios. It’s full of scale and grandeur, full of character, color, music, emotion and fun. The story takes place amidst a colorful jungle, a beach paradise, a sprawling metropolis – and a celebration that tops all, known as Carnival. RIO is more than a point on the map, it’s a magical place, a mood, an attitude.

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