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“Run” is a thriller whose action is concentrated on a 17-year-old teenager named Daniel.

Daniel is a very intelligent, self-taught devotee of Parkour – a physical discipline that teaches you to overcome any obstacle environment by adapting movements according to where you are. Under the guidance of his father, Daniel uses his incredible athletic ability to become a hot young agile, often changing city.

After a meeting with the Detroit Police Department, Mike decides to return to New York in the hope that it will put an end to strife that lasts 16 years and that will prove the innocence of the crime family before he met the mother of Daniel now deceased.

Daniel longs nomadic life style and wakes up in a relationship of deep friendship with Mark and a group of runners. He falls in love with the sister of Mark – Emily, who reveals secrets and both learn the importance of trust.

When the armistice signed between Mike and family crime boss does not flow as it should have, Daniel is forced and use all their skills in a fight that must go to life and freedom not only his and dad or, but and to Mark and Emily, they are attracted imperceptibly in this dispute.

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