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S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight

Los Angeles Mayor and Town Hall Homeland Security recommends Detroit team S.W.A.T. their city to be brought up to date with new techniques Rescue FBI modern coding methods and methods Quantico, an intensive recovery of hostages. For this work is proposed, promoted to Lieutenant Paul Cutler (Gabriel Macht), a veteran of the war in Iraq, which held the record for 10 years without any hostage dead in clashes S.W.A.T. On taking up this new role, Paul will be able to overcome that hostility Hollander inspector for two weeks will hand weight provisional command of an intervention team to refine and retrieve solve all emergency calls. Since the first surgery, the team of Paul faces a loss among the hostages, entering into contact with a dangerous man obsessed, Walter Hatch (Robert Patrick), which is actually a former government agent, highly sophisticated and prepared for war what will turn against him that sparked his girlfriend’s death.

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