Safe Haven

Inspired by the novel of the same title by author Nicholas Sparks, the romantic drama “Safe Haven” is the story of Katie Feldman, a young woman who was released from an unhappy marriage and was fleeing a violent and abusive husband, taking refuge in the town of Southport of North Carolina.

Although no longer trusts men and prefer to stay away from locals for anyone not to find secrets, Katie let your guard down and talkative neighbor befriends store owner Jo and Alex Wheatley, becoming increasingly attached in terms of emotional man whose wife died and raising her two children alone. Alex has a gentle nature and loving and loyal to it, but Katie hesitating to take a chance on love because he fears for her safety further and loved ones. Jo learns, however, that it is preferable to risk, to face the problems of the past and to engage in a new romance than to be alone and look over your shoulder all the time with fear.

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