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Safe House

SAFE HOUSE is a thriller in which the protagonists are Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, about a CIA renegade extremely dangerous, Tobin Frost (Washington) which is recorded in a safe house in South Africa, and an agent rookie Matt Weston (Reynolds), who become partners and have to trust each other after the house is attacked by a team of mercenaries. When the safe house is attacked by mercenaries, they two managed to escape, but now former enemies must ally to find out who wants him dead.
Last year, Weston has been frustrated by his inactive post in Cape Town, the guardian of a safe houses. Dreaming to become operational agent, waiting for the perfect opportunity to prove their loyalty. When the only occupant of the house turns out to be the most dangerous man I had met before, Weston’s ready to do their duty.
For his part, Tobin Frost managed to escape for nearly a decade. One of the best field agents whom the CIA has ever had, he left the agency to sell military secrets to anyone who was willing to pay more, the damage made him the US is immeasurable. And now he carries with it a secret.
The two ally to figure out if those who attacked them were mercenaries or was inside someone’s hand who wants to eliminate, because in her way.

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