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Sammy’s Adventures 2

The funniest and bravest turtles returning to the big screen, featuring both children and parents a 3D experience more fascinating than ever.

In Sammy’s Adventures 2, two turtles, Sammy and Ray, will guide the “newborns” Ricky and Ella in their first road towards the sea. Suddenly, however, a poacher captures and sends them in Dubai to use them in an aquatic show for tourists. There they meet seahorses Big D, it attracts his dream getaway.

But Sammy and Ray allied now with Jimbo, a jelly fish, Annabel, an octopus charming Lulu, a cantankerous lobster and a whole family of penguins, building with its own plans to escape from there. The little Ricky and Ella and her start on the road, determined to save them.

The fabulous scenery of the great oceans, a new series of events on the edge awaits adventurers in their struggle for freedom.

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