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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a film made in 2012, directed by Elia Carmine and broadcast on Rai1 in December of the same year. The film tells the story of Saint Barbara, a Christian martyr of the Catholic Church.

Dioscoros, scandriglia governor is willing to do anything to get the government in Rome. Daughter, Barbara, but it is disinterested and continued his studies in astronomy to Polycarp (a sage of the time) and his friends: Giuliana, Tito, Cryo. With them and with the soldier Claudio, which will also indrăgostii subsequently will begin a spiritual path that will totally change life also was marked by the death of his mother, which makes the Christian faith to them between the soul . All this will lead to conflict with the government, including the prefect Marciano and especially his father, who does not agree with her choice and that he certainly is not predicted such a future.

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