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When Santa Fell to Earth

The story begins a few days before Christmas in a small Bavarian town … Ben, a child 8 years old, moves with his family into the empty house of his grandfather. The new environment is very lonely, very hard to accommodate. The situation is complicated by his struggle with classmates and family life is changed and more due to job loss of his father.

Raining outside, the only thing that signals the holiday season is that Ben’s mother now opens its cafeteria where will sell their homemade cakes. Niklas Julebukk last Santa Claus really carrying out their regular duties, that gathers wishlists of children and prepares gifts, and in the meantime to confront Waldemar Wichteltod which, by giants nutcracker took control of the Land of Christmas, and who wants to turn the joy of sharing in a business.

Julebukk with two goblins continuous quarreling with his two faithful angels and the last reindeer escapes invisible to save the Christmas spirit. Small group just landed near the town of Ben, who along with Charlotte, a girl from his neighborhood, offering to help them. The children joined them, Julebukk with a little magic helps launch confectionary, then steal the Land of Snow to restore Christmas festive atmosphere in town. The final battle takes place in the realm of evil story.

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