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Shooting for Socrates

“What unites us and what divides us” is a story like “David and Goliath” placed at Belfast on the background of the World Cup in Mexico, 1986. Thus, a country divided by religious conflicts, becomes united for a time a football match. At the end of the match, the result is secondary and what really counts is only the joy of a beautiful game. Northern Ireland will play against strong representative of Brazil. For the South Americans, the game is just another step towards the world title. But for those in Northern Ireland this is the most important game of their lives and time. At this crucial moment, Billy Bingham, the eccentric Irish coach, has the difficult task to motivate and bring together a team of misfits. This joyful comedy is a call to people to pursue their dreams without having any related complex where I come, and let their hearts delight comprised of a “beautiful game”.

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