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Shot Caller

This film, in addition to the impressive-negative main characters featured in the title above, also has the minuscule fact that its creators probably excel in the name of a so-called “originality called the modernist” cinema. XXI, through a particularly ambiguous and ultra-intortoche-labyrinthical scenario and mirroring of the sequencing of the events presented, and this without any accusatory link to the technique of flash-backs used. It is also possible to accuse the unfortunate tendency of introducing too steeply abrupt and “fast” into the equation of action itself, an avalanche of negative characters whose role and subsequent direct involvement in particular, but not only In terms of their names, it is particularly difficult to follow in the same sense of unambiguous understanding of the degree to which each of these characters is in direct connection with each sequence of action. As a result of what I have shown above, I think that this movie is for the moment much overrated as notes on imdb as well as cinemagia. I personally can only give a score of 4,4-4,5 and 4 stars plus.

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