Silver Linings Playbook

Pat is a former high school teacher who spent four years in a clinic for treating nerve disease after being deceived and abandoned by his wife, Nikki. Moving under the same roof with his parents after being discharged, the false impression that Pat has never missed home more than a few months and is obsessed with the idea to recapture Nikki.

Old friends have based teacher meantime families, his father is always in a bad mood because he is fan of the Philadelphia Eagles American football team that loses a match after another and shrink with therapy sessions which shocks him Pat recommending adultery as a method of healing.

The situation changes when he meets neighbor Pat Tiffany, a young widow who was fired because she slept with all colleagues after her husband’s death caused him severe depression. Mental disorders faced by both Tiffany and Pat brings people closer, they become friends and begin to have deep feelings for one another.

Tiffany offers to be the glue between Pat and Nikki, provided the man to give up to watch American football games, to join with it in an annual competition dance depressive patients and not to tell anyone about their understanding.

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