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Skiptrace is the story of Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong detective who is after the infamous mafia boss Victor Wong for over a decade. When Bennie’s niece, Samantha (Fan Bingbing) fall into trouble with crime syndicate led by Wong, Bennie decided to find the man because of whom arrived Samantha in this situation. This is none other than şmechreaşul gambler Connor Watts (Johnny Knoville).

But Bennie discovers quickly that if you bring Connor back to Hong Kong will solve more problems than his niece; Connor knows things about Victor Wong who, once exposed, it would throw behind bars forever corrupt businessman.

Starting in a race against time to hand over Connor in Hong Kong, the two partners were part of an improbable adventure, exciting on so dangerous that surround the globe, from the mountains of the Gobi desert of Mongolia to.

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