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Somebody’s Hero

In the family comedy Somebody’s Hero Dennis Sullivan (Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty) a mediocre accountant from New York go unnoticed by colleagues and his boss who is addressed as a ghost. When his boss asks him to handle the account of a rich young widow, Katie Wells and her son Jake is fascinated by superhero Man-America, Dennis likes the young boy immediately and mother. On the way home from their meeting he sees the shop ‘The Imagination Superstore’ where he decides to try his uniform Man-America. But being out of the dressing room he unexpectedly discovers an armed robbery in progress. He catches the thief resists his efforts to rob the store costumes. When images from the cameras certainly presents images with armed robbery failed, this causes a media frenzy. Apparently, as the young Jake and the rest of New York needs a superhero to believe. Now mediocre guy must become super-hero that everybody wants, despite his utter lack of superpowers.

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