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Space Station 76

Space Station 76 marks the directorial debut of actor Jack Plotnick and is a black comedy whose action is placed in the future. The screenplay was originally conceived as a play.

Jessica Marlowe arrives on Omega 76, where it will be second-in captain Terry Glenn, an arrogant man who can not stand to receive guidance from the people of his crew. From the first day, get acquainted with Jessica Sunshine, the driver’s space station daughter, Ted, whose marriage to Misty, a woman warhead and egocentric, difficulties. In the absence of other children her age around, Sunshine begin to spend more and more time with Jessica, sparking jealousy of Misty, who will do everything possible to alienate his daughter newcomer. While drowning his sorrows captain Glenn alcohol in an attempt to forget a secret from his past, Ted’s increasingly attracted more than Jessica. All events will reach a climax during Christmas party on the space station.

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