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Spartacus & Cassandra

The only way to live separated from my parents is my parents separated me to survive, confesses Cassandra Roma girl who, along with Spartacus, her older brother, is faced with a heartbreaking decision for a child. Although the two are six years in France, with their parents, their father still opposes the idea that they should go to school for fear that this will cause, eventually, to lose.

Director Ioanis Nuguet juxtaposes images type verité episodes poetic and melancholic titles on Super 8 sketching psychological reality intimate two children trapped between two worlds: the one hand, the prospect of a life spent in the street, with their parents loving, but helpless; Furthermore, the option of education and a roof over your head along with a couple of adoptive parents still unknown.

An intense film that manages to draw delicately experiences of two children, both Spartacus & Cassandra avoids sensationalism and victimization, while reminding us that these children are systemic problems. “A year already walked upright. Two, eating earth. Three years, my father was in prison. Four, begged with my sister. At seven I arrived in France.”

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