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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

At first glance, Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba) has everything she wants: she’s married to a famous TV reporter specializing in hunt spies, have a baby with him, but twins and stepchildren, very smart. But the reality is quite different: the twins are very reluctant and never misses an opportunity to show their mother harsh that they will not around, Rebecca (Rowan Blanchard) and Cecil (Mason Cook) putting constantly challenged Talen Marissa’s mother.

But when the maniac Guardian of Time (Jeremy Piven) threatens to take over the planet, Marissa’s world turns upside down. It recalled to duty by the head of OSS, headquarters of the largest spy, where it had been created defunct Spy Kids division. Because Revelation is fast approaching, Rebecca and Cecil also enter into action and is with amazement that their mother stepmother was a while ago a superspy, so I have to leave baffles aside and rely on flair them. With a little help from former Spy Kids, Carmen (Alex Verga) and Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara), and also some amazing gadgets have chances to save the world and possibly bring their family harmony.

SPY KIDS 4D: TIME’s sapphire production Troublemaker Studios and Dimension Films, directed by Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook, Ricky Gervais and Jeremy Piven. Casting: Mary Vernieu, and JC Cantu CSA, CSA. Costume designer Nina Proctor. Music: Robert Rodriguez and Carl Thiel. Co-producers: Rebecca Rodriguez and George Huang. Editor: Dan Zimmerman. Directors of photography: Robert Rodriguez and Jimmy Lindsey. Executive producers: Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein. A film produced by Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan. Direction & Screenplay: Robert Rodriguez.

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