Seymour stork once again confuses children and lead them to new parents another baby, and therefore risk being fired Baby Factory. His boss, Rhino, is very disappointed and Stanley Stork, right hand to the head, Seymour wants him gone. In a last ditch effort to save his career and not fall into disgrace reaching truck driver, Seymour received one last mission. When the baby goes, bărzoiul notes, however, that parents are not fit to raise a child. Seymour, who has a strong conscience, can not leave the child with those people, even if they risk their job. Instead, he leaves baby seal with a loving lioness, Lark, and her husband, Louie, a stubborn and proud lion.

Stanley is a mistake but deliberate Seymour and because he has ambitions to get boss, puts the plan to destroy his bărzoiul competitor. Seymour is desperate to keep his family Lark Louie and baby-seal units so I ask for help his girlfriend Sonja Gorilla family and friends. Instead, Stanley has a cohort of possum who support Take Baby Factory.

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