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The Suite Life Movie

Twins Zack and Cody, played by actors Dylan Sprouse twins Cole and are approached by Dr Olsen not necessarily want to work with them. The doctor explains to the boys that are ideal for the Gemini Project, an elaborate research on the effects they have twins. Although the brothers had quarreled after a blunder has cost him Zach Cody a scholarship twins agrees to join the project. Thus, they get to be studied together with dozens of pairs of twins.
Initially the project appears to be an ordinary scientific research. But not long after, the twins realize that they have become too much and can connect to think each other’s thoughts and feel the pain that the other feels. The tension between them grows, and Cody and Zach are in emotional conflict and even get to take the beating.
Their week spent in Project Gemini will reveal, however, that things are not what they seem and that the study has attended unexpected results.

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