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Take Me Home Tonight

Summer of 1988 is almost over in San Fernando Valley, and Matt Franklin his twin sister Wendy and best friend of theirs Barry Nathan refused to assume the responsibilities of adults, although the age at which they should to set out the specific purposes in life.

Matt graduated with honors prestigious college MIT, and friends and family were waiting to embark on one of the most famous companies in the country with a salary to match, but the young man aged 23 years accepted instead a modest office with part-time at a local video store. Matt wakes his ambition when entering the store Tori Frederking beautiful, his dream girl from high school, inviting him to a wild party the occasion of Labor Day. During this night of fun, Matt, Wendy and Barry are an important step in the maturation of Matt Franklin fabricating a false identity to impress Tori, Wendy Franklin being sought in marriage by her high school sweetheart Kyle Masterson and Barry Nathan, who has just been fired, exploring their dark side.

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