Tales from the Lakeside: Lengemesék

The hunters have green skin, they are courageous, and they are guardians of the Rush Sea. Children can also become guardians only when their hair is brown. Until then, life is boring because, with green hair, they are not allowed to fly around, go down the water or take part in the frog derby. Füttyös Vilkó’s greatest desire is that he can also be a watchman, though curiosity only creates problems. At one point, the lake is endangered because harkas – beetles with a round and red head – along with the swans want to struggle with ease. The latter seem helpless, but Vilkó has a courageous plan to save his community and Táltos’ friend, captured by the harsh. Fortunately, in the help of Vilkó sar Nagyapó, but also the water snakes and frogs.

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