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Seth MacFarlane, the man behind the show Family Guy, stuns you with its irreverent humor to the big screen: writer, director and actor (he is the voice of the title character), MacFarlane tells the story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), a man who wants everything dinandinsul to escape … his teddy bear, Ted, brought to life by a desire laid in childhood. Mature, John dreams of a normal life with the beautiful Lori (Mila Kunis), only Ted proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

The two are inseparable, but Ted is not a positive influence. He smokes marijuana, drink and spend almost all the time. With a life degrading and irresponsible, it obstructs John in turn can have an organized and peaceful life with his girlfriend. That is until, tired of this situation, Lori decides to put his foot down: either she or Ted.

Not wanting to lose the love of his life, John’s Ted finds a aparatament and a job. But Pufosul can not give up unhealthy habits and crazy parties, so we put in trouble again John, who is abandoned by Lori. Feeling guilty and fully responsible for the breakup, Ted goes to Lori to convince John to forgive him, but on the way to the apartment or father is kidnapped by a psychopathic little teddy bear he wanted for his boy. So John and Lori are awakening now in the situation of the find and save the man who caused them so many hardships, but you realize that I love and that is part of their lives.

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