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The Act of Killing

“It is forbidden to kill. Therefore, all criminals are punished, except those who kill in large groups and fanfare” motto ACT OF THE KILL.

Indonesia had truth and reconciliation commissions, no trials and no memorial for victims of past crimes, as happened in Rwanda and Cambodia. Over the 32 years of military government led by General Suharto, the country has embellished by a bloody history which glorified the official narrative ’65 -’66 years genocide when nearly one million suspected communists were killed by by bloodthirsty militias.

Described by its authors as a “documentary of the imagination” ACT TO KILL explores this chapter untouched history of Indonesia inviting a group of former “murderers communists” to restore their criminal actions in the style of films that seemingly have inspired or catalyzed . An examination surreal, emotionally exhausting, and accountability of human atrocity, the film follows the path of an individual therapeutic, from performative exposure to the darkest corners of his soul by understanding the absolute horror of his acts. The film also invites us to reflect on the implications of choosing collective “forgetting” the whole portions of the past history.

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