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The Awakening

The film is set in 1921, in a world marked by the postwar deprivations in which some people find comfort in spiritualism. Death-obsessed fiancé, Florence Cathcart spends time demitizând attempts to pretend that there is some supernatural phenomena. In this sense, it uses methods and logical explanations to dismantle the idea that the dead can haunt us.

Beautiful Florence feels compelled to go to investigate the case when invited to Rookwood, a boarding school located in rural areas, where recently a boy was found dead, and rumors that the ghost of a young man would haunt school created panic among students and their parents.

The younger set to work here as it arrives, placing traps, gathering scientific evidence, uncovering secrets and seeming to clear the mystery. While Florence is preparing for departure, considering that her job at Rookwood over, he is experiencing a true meeting chilling with a spectrum, a phenomenon that defies all beliefs rational and thus embark on an adventure that will culminate with finding a truly heartbreaking .

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