The Battleship Island

The film’s action takes place in the Japanese colonial era and follows a group of approximately 400 Korean workers who risk their lives to escape from the Battleship Island, where they were taken forcefully during the Japanese invasion.

Force to work on the island, exploit and torture, the film tells the story of the brave Korean fighters who managed to escape from the Japanese coal mines and regain their freedom. Lee Kang-ok, the head of Kyungsung Hotel, decides to go to Japan to save his daughter, but instead he is trapped and exiled to Battleship Island, where he does everything in his power to protect his own daughter. Choi Chil-sung is a fierce war hero, which is a nightmare for the guards on Battleship Island, but who has a warm heart. Moo-young Park, a young Freedom Fighter, belonging to the Korean Independence Group, sneaks into Battleship Island, Nagasaki, to save a group member. In a hell on earth, where suffering was wanted to be buried in history, Korean fighters had the courage not to give up their own freedom …

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