The Best Offer

“The Best Offer” tells the story of extravagant art collector and assessor Virgil Oldman, who must carry out the assessment bizarre artwork of his career. Used with respect for a world-class auctioneer, Virgil is deeply amazed when Claire, the young heir to a fortune impressive repeatedly evade the default meetings with him, citing various reasons, but giving all the conditions to carry out the assessment. All this merely arouse increasingly more curiosity Virgil, and soon he falls hopelessly Claire. Virgil arrive to forget all the rigors of his life and violate the rules which it has imposed worn by his passion for mystery woman. The love story that blossoms between the two but will bring a turnaround in the lives of the two and will attract a dangerous trap.
The story builds subtle, rigorous, with finesse, creating an atmosphere that takes the viewer slowly but surely into a fascinating world of intense passions: for art, for values, for men. The entire film is built around opposition authenticity – false, both in terms of art and human emotions.

Beyond the impressive images, like photos shot after shot, the film has an impressive soundtrack signed by known Ennio Morricone, famous for music in over 500 films and television series, including “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” “Kill Bill” or “Django Unchained”

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