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The Call

Casey, an American teenager (Abigail Breslin interpreted) is kidnapped by a serial killer (played by Michael Eklund). From his car trunk, she manages to mobile phone 911 Emergency Call Center. Since then, her life depends on the voice at the other end, whose keeper is determined to mobilize all available resources to find it.

Jordan’s service, 911 operators (played by Halle Berry) is not for the faint of heart. For many years in this job, Jordan has saved thousands of lives, once faced with a situation tragic outcome. This incident shatter his life and, supported by her boyfriend, Paul (played by Morris Chestnut), a policeman by profession, strives to forget and move on. Casey a return call, but the thought in the past. Her abduction scenario it seems unusually familiar and Jordan feels the need to act as never done before: direct involvement and Casey causing it to actively participate in the rescue operation, thus leading them to the killer.

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