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The Campaign

Cam Brady is accustomed to life politician, was elected after four years in the US Congress. Although it would seem that has experience in election campaigns, the truth is that Brady has never competed with anyone to vote, simply because no one has joined the race to be his opponent.

After Brady made a major blunder in public, two wealthy businessmen decide to remove him from power so that they make a plan. At the last moment, join the race Marty Huggins, a man naïve and uninitiated with a modest appearance, which has no idea how to pull the strings in politics.

Marty, director of local tourism center, is thrown into political struggle of two influential businessmen who no longer support Congressman Cam Brady on. As election day approaches, Marty turns, perseverance and ambition, in a counter-candidate more strongly, and this is because he no longer any unethical or rules, just like Brady.

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