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The Change-Up

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star in the comedy The Change-Up, directed by David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers), from a screenplay by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore (The Hangover), the film is produced by Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious, Click). It is a film that takes the classic story of an exchange of bodies, a super link and threw off the cliff, to give us an original comedy and a whole fresh perspective.

Mitch (Reynolds) and Dave (Bateman) grew together and were inseparable, but some years life has gone separate ways. While Dave is an attorney exhausted from work, his wife and three children, Mitch is single, more of a job, and completely immature, who never liked to take any responsibility. In the eyes of Mitch, Dave has everything he wants: a beautiful wife, Jamie (Leslie Mann), some children who adore him and a highly-paid job at a prestigious law firm. For David, Mitch’s life, with no stress and no obligation, just a dream.

After going out for a drink one evening, Mitch and Dave were part of their life experience: the day they wake … they exchanged bodies! Mitch is now Dave and Dave is Mitch. Let’s all have reason to be scared to death!

Although now each has escaped his daily routine, the two quickly discover that each other’s lives is not so rosy anymore and imagined. As if this was not enough, their new life is further complicated by “help” Dave’s associated wellfavoured, Sabrina (Olivia Wilde), and Mitch’s father (Alan Arkin), of which it had departed some time. Because time passes, Mitch and Dave go through the torment comical in their efforts not to destroy another life and have one goal: to find as quickly as a way to regain his former life.

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