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The Chaperone

Recently released from prison, Ray Bradstone aims to cross to the other side of the barricade, to find a job fair and make it up to his ex-wife Lynne and to the daughter of Sally because he missed so much time in their lives. But the band of thieves led by Phillip Larue of planning to rob a bank needs excellent skills of Ray’s driver, which is why man is offered a final commitment before he finally let go of the past and crime. Initially, Ray Bradstone accepting the mission, but changes his mind at the last minute because he is offered the chance to network with Sally during a school trip to the Museum of Natural History in New Orleans. Robbery perfected Larue not going as planned and the money ends up accidentally even in the bus for transporting students supervised by Ray Bradstone, which is why banal trip turns into a criminal like the movies on the roads in Louisiana and teens part of the adventure of their lives while Sally’s father is trying to escape both the police and his old comrades.

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