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The Chinese Mayor

Datong, a former imperial capital of northern China, which became choked mining center of a population of three millions, has a new mayor, Geng Tanbo. Made by the Communist Party, Geng Tanbo is a character with an entrepreneurial energy that perfectly represents the new contradictions of Chinese state capitalism. His plan is to transform Datong, which until recently was the most polluted city in China, a cultural and tourist center complete with a wall that dates back to the Ming Dynasty antiques purchased wholesale. Project costs: the demolition of thousands of homes and relocation locuitoriii a quarter of a million of the city in a forest of tower blocks built overnight.

For two years, Zhou Hao’s room apparently has access to total long days working the ambitious mayor, who tirelessly oscillates among the inhabitants of the old city and alarmed builders of the new Datong hurry. The ambiguities and contradictions inherent in progress are Ĺ uprina in all their complexity in this microcosm of a new great leap into an uncertain future Chinese and surprising end of the film reveals the inner machinery of the Chinese Communist Party.

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