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The Company You Keep

Inspired by the novel “The Company You Keep” writer Neil Gordon, this political thriller chases Jason Sinai, a North American organization radical leftist Weather Underground, who is wanted by the FBI for nearly four decades for a robbery at bank in Michigan in 1974, a crime that resulted in a person lost his life and avoid the legal consequences due to false identity that has built it. When a journalist ambitious and tenacious gives Following this topic sensational reveal that lawyer Jim Grant, which increases one’s daughter Isabel, is actually fugitive Jason Sinai, the latter is forced to abandon the child and opt for living dangerously on the roads. Travelling the country far and wide to avoid being captured by the FBI, Jason Sinai regain contact with other members of identities made of the group Weather Underground, drug smugglers and planters of bombs which have now turned into academics, agents FBI veterans of the Vietnam War or Republican politicians.

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