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The Darkest Hour

Five young North Americans arriving in the Russian capital to spend a dream holiday in a metropolis which does not know too many details, but that is famous for its beauty and entertainment that puts the tourists, but after his spend a few days seeing the sights and frequenting nightclubs, two girls and three boys wake up trapped in a city invaded by an evil alien species, which disintegrates both humans and animals and devouring all sources of electricity.

The information submitted in the newscasts of national and international television stations show that Moscow is the only city in the world that has fallen victim to the alien attack that can not be seen with the naked eye by the people. Paris, London, Tokyo and New York are also decimated the species of unknown origin from another planet.
Noting that aliens may be identified by the human eye using electricity sources, the five North American brave mobilized, in possession of weapons of last generation and fight the invaders from space to survive and to save humanity from extinction.

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