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The Disaster Artist

The film describes the early encounter and friendship between actor Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, the actor, writer and director behind the 2003 movie “The Room,” a film often hailed as one of the worst. An aspiring Hollywood actor meets an enigmatic stranger named Tommy Wiseau, and their encounter leads them on a path that nobody could have predicted: creating the worst film ever made. The film is a friendly comedy about two outsiders who are following a dream. When the world rejects them, they decide to make their own film, a “awesome” movie horrible because of the unintentional hilarious moments, the chaotic story and the terrible acting performance. James Franco transforms the true tragicomic tale of the aspiring director and the infamous Hollywood businessman into a celebration of friendship, artistic expression, and dreams of insurmountable probabilities. “The Disaster Artist” is a hilarious and welcome reminder that shows there are many ways to become a legend, and that there is no limit to what you can get when you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

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